Researchers put forward fishy weather theory

    A pair of researchers have put forward a possible explanation for a strange weather phenomenon in Texarkana.

    On December 29 of last year, it seemed to rain fish, specifically shad, over a four-mile section of the city, which was originally believed to be from a water spout moving over a body of water, picking the tiny fish up, and depositing them elsewhere. 

    Researchers Sharon Hill and Paul Cropper now believe that the fishy weather may have been caused by birds regurgitating their meals over the city.  Hill, a geologist, and Cropper, an Australian author, posit that their research has found no evidence of a waterspout depositing the fish over Texarkana.

    The pair claim to have found evidence that many of the fish were partially digested, leading them to believe that cormorants had swallowed the fish before releasing them as they flew over the city.  Hill said that, while evidence exists of cormorants regurgitating their food, scientists have never observed the behavior in midflight.  Therefore the hypothesis, much like the cormorants, might not be airtight.

    Hill and Cropper spoke with Texarkana Regional Airport officials, who confirmed having seen cormorants during the storm in December.

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